Your Simplified Guide for Buying a Hair Straightener!

Your Simplified Guide for Buying a Hair Straightener!

A hair straightener, also otherwise known as a flat iron, is an ultimate styling tool for straight and glossy hair. Quite expectedly, there are quite a few options in brands, styles, designs, and types. It’s important to choose a straightener that doesn’t cause extensive hair damage. Here are some of the other things you need to know.

Types of flat irons

  1. Ceramic flat irons. These are designed with ceramic plates that can last for years. However, be careful of the models that are just ceramic coated, because these don’t stay hot for a longer period, as it is often required for styling.
  1. Tourmaline flat irons. Tourmaline is a special kind of coating that’s used over ceramic plates to keep the heat consistent. You don’t need to use tourmaline straighteners on a higher temperature all the time, because the heat distribution is quite even.

  1. Titanium flat irons. As the name suggests, these are made of titanium plates and are considered to be one of the safest choices for hair straightening. While titanium straighteners can prevent hair burning, these are not meant for users who have thin or extremely brittle hair.

How to choose one?

Thankfully, a number of websites like offer detailed reviews of the top models, which can be handy for comparison. Check these reviews to know why one model is better than the others. Also, you need to consider the size of the flat iron. In case you want to do more than just hair straightening, one-inch irons are the best. Larger irons can help in straightening more hair strands at a time and are ideal for professional needs.

Things to consider

Some flat irons may need more time to heat up, which is a factor worth considering. Also, you need to check the minimum and maximum temperatures of the model, which can determine the kind of styling you can do with the product. You may also want to consider one of the ‘Wet To Straight’ models, which can be used for semi-dry or towel dry hair. These are typically made of ceramic plates that use additional steam to straighten wet hair. Also, you need to check for ‘ionic straightening’, which has plates that generate negative ions for locking the moisture. These products typically help in avoiding fizz.

Lastly, do check the warranty on the product. Flat irons from reputed brands should last for at least three to four years without any additional concerns.