Your Must-have List of Health Monitoring Devices

Your Must-have List of Health Monitoring Devices

The range of health-monitoring devices is getting better with time. Even a few years back, we had simple pedometers that would track the steps taken in a day. Since then, a lot has changed, and while you smartphone can do a number of things, you should still invest in a few essential health-monitoring devices listed below.

Blood Pressure Monitors

As the name suggests, a blood pressure monitor allows you to track your blood pressure and heart rate. The advanced devices allow you to store a considerable amount of data, besides indicating possible risks and irregular heartbeats. Blood pressure monitors are extremely useful if you have older people at home. Patients with diabetes should also own one.

Activity tracker

An activity tracker is an advanced version of your regular pedometer. Apart from tracking the steps, it can check a lot of other things, including calories burnt, sleeping hours, and tracking of health goals. Most fitness trackers also come with an alarm and clock, so that you can control your activities at a personal level, as well. Trackers also store data that can be accessed on your phone.

Blood sugar monitors

Also known simply as glucose monitor, this device is designed to read your blood glucose level. People who have Type 2/Type 1 diabetes should have one in their handbag at all times. You can store as many readings as needed, and the device is typically very affordable. Keep in mind that the product should be accurate, so always go for a known and reliable brand.

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters are used to monitor amount oxygen carried in the body. The device is attached to the fingertip of the patient and can be used seamlessly without any pain. If the pulse oximeter shows a reading of 92% or less, it suggests that the blood oxygen levels are lower than usual.


If an activity tracker seems like an expensive choice, especially the advanced ones, you can go for a pedometer, you can be used for tracking steps on the go. Many believe that some of the pedometer devices may work better than the apps on your phone. Pick a better product, and you can keep running.

To get the best deals on health monitoring devices, you can check online. Brands like DrTrust are known for their exclusive products, but before you pick one, check the relevant features and other aspects in detail.