While the good old table lamp might seem like a less fancy choice than beautiful chandeliers and creative pendant lights, it is a sturdy and elegant piece with a value that should not be underestimated. A table lamp can bring color, texture, contrast, symmetry, and illumination to any room. If you are planning to purchase a table lamp, below are some things to keep in mind:

Determining where to Place the Lamp

Before you start shopping for a table lamp, you need to determine first where you will place it and chalk out the height at which the lamp will sit. Also, you must consider its distance from the bed, cozy chair, or couch next to it. Defining the lamp’s purpose before shopping will help save you some frustrations later on.

Considering the Size

Your table lamp’s height is determined more by the room you want to place in and the decor around it. You want to buy a shorter lamp if you have a tall bedside table. Generally, you must choose a lamp where the shade’s bottom is at your eye level when you are resting or seated. Keep this mind whether you are looking to buy bedside lamps, lamps that fit your reading nook, or table lamps for living room.

Picking the Perfect Lamp Style

Usually, the shade determines a lamp’s overall appeal. However, the body of the lamp can also make a difference in its form and define it. A variety of table lamps available can perfectly fit in with your room’s style. Using the lamp to usher in a different style will give any space a radiant focal point.

Playing with the Colors

Table lamps provide homeowners the chance to add a color punch to their homes. Multi-colored options let you bring in nearly any hue of your choice. Sparkling copper table lamps that feature an industrial vibe or those in gold offer a smart metallic glitter.

Considering the Shade and Size

When shopping for a table, avoid being drawn in by the shade’s pattern and style. You need to take into account the ergonomics and proportions of the shade in relation to the lamp’s body. The lampshade’s diameter must be at least two inches less than its body’s length and the drum shade can be the safest choice available. Keep in mind that the narrower the shade’s base, the less illumination the area will get. This arc is an important consideration when buying a table lamp.

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