Why not buy plant machinery?

Why not buy plant machinery?

Sure, hiring plant hire machinery and equipment is made easy with the range of companies in the industry willing to hire out their vehicles. But have you ever considered buying your plant machinery? In this article, we list several advantages to buying the machines you need outright, and why it can be a better alternative to simply hiring plant machinery.It’s cost-effective

Buying plant machinery is much more cost-effective than hiring it. When you hire your machinery, you have to continuously hire the machines for each construction job that you take, which can quickly become expensive and tedious. By buying your plant machinery, you’ll always have the machines you need on-hand. You could even just buy the machines you use the most often and hire the rest. Excavators (or mini excavators), for example, are used constantly in construction, and are very versatile.

You could increase your workload (or lessen it)

By always having the machines you need, you have the unique opportunity to either increase or lessen your workload depending on your finances at the time of the job offer. You won’t have to worry about plant hire costs factoring into whether or not you accept a job, and can simply work whenever you want to, because you’ll already own the equipment you need.

Buying new

Hiring your machines means that your hiring machines that have been used multiple times. By buying your plant machinery, you’re getting new machines that have never been used before, hot from the manufacturer. Plant hire companies often have a stock of machines, or can easily procure them for your purchase.Buying second-hand

However, you could also consider buying your plant machinery second-hand. Buying second-hand is also cost-effective, because you aren’t paying full price for a machine that still functions perfectly well. There could also be a significant price decrease for any cosmetic faults. It’s essentially like buying a used car.


When you buy your plant machinery, you’ll have full ownership over the vehicle. This means that you could even hire it out yourself if you find that you’re not using the machine(s) that often. As mentioned above, it also means that you can take on as much work as you want without waiting for a plant hire delivery or trying to plan around over factors that could delay you when you need to start a job.

No long-term agreements

By buying your machinery, you won’t have to worry about any contracts or agreements that businesses usually enter with plant hire companies that supply their machines for jobs. You’ll achieve a sense of freedom in that you have complete control over all elements of your business.Maintenance

As a final point, it should be noted that when you’re buying a machine, you are the only person responsible for both the repairs and the maintenance of that machine. You need to be prepared for the extra costs that you might experience, and take into account how many machines you want to buy, and what that could mean later on down the line when they need servicing.