Why is the Star Wars franchise popular?

Why is the Star Wars franchise popular?

When the first movie was produced in 1977, Star Wars was considered the answer to Star Trek. Star Trek, a popular 1960s space opera caught the imagination of a public that was fixated on space and alien life forms. In the same vein Star Wars introduced the film loving public to a space opera saga that endeared the hearts of many.

The Star Wars franchise started shortly before the first Star Wars film was released in May 1977. The popularity of the Star Wars shirts with “The Force Be with You” soared for a time. Star Wars shirts with Chewbacca, Han Solo’s Wookiee companion were also very popular. The reasoning behind this popularity isn’t that hard to grasp.

A solid and engrossing movie saga for the ages

For many Star Wars fans the reason why it is so popular is that the story draws you in. Everyone can relate in some way to one or more of the characters. The first movie especially drew people in as the main character dealt with loss, discovered abilities that he didn’t know he had and made lasting friendships.

Some fans enjoyed the action and suspense while others noticed the love scenes between two of the characters. The enduring quality of the battle scenes and the great interaction between the characters is what makes people come back to this movie series.

A modern day rendering of good and evil

Some critics have expressed the opinion that the Star Wars saga’s appeal is due to a moral saga. In other words George Lucas was trying and is still trying in his own way to promote his own religion. When you take some of the context of the movies at face value you can see their point. The Star Wars shirts often make a statement all their own.

It is interesting to note that like so many franchises Star Wars does have a cult following. For some extreme fans that live, breathe and eat Star Wars this is their religion. It is completely understandable why some would go to this length to interpret the nuances of the characters on screen.

The Western saga with a new twist

Space operas have always been popular with the young to some degree. Like the television series Star Trek, the movie series Star Wars focuses mainly on melodramatic stories with the usual warfare scenes to break things up.

The reason why these space operas are so popular is because of the premise that everyone who has ever watched a western saga knows. The good guys always come up on top. This was actually the overriding premise of the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope.

If George Lucas had started the franchise with one of the other Star Wars movies like Return of the Jedi, he may not have gotten as huge a following as he got with the first Star Wars movie.

Timeless and believable characters

The characters and their believability is what actually make the saga move forward. It can often be said that characters actions and reactions are what sell the story to the movie going public. The right characterization that draws people in provides the motivation for people to continue to watch the saga.

This is the main reason why the Star Wars franchise is so popular. The characters are timeless and believable in the actions they take and the reactions they have. Main characters like Princess Leia are easy to fall in love with and follow. Young girls especially enjoy wearing Princess Leia Star Wars shirts as a memento of her.

Other popular characters in Star Wars include Han Solo, Chewbacca and Yoda. Who doesn’t recall Yoda instructing Luke Skywalker in the use of the Force?

Pulp Science Fiction at its finest

When it all comes down to basics, pulp science fiction in its elemental form is probably one of the best reasons why Star Wars is a popular franchise. It makes people think about possibilities but also exploits the raw energy that comes from the enacting of the saga. It could be reasoned that many just love a good science fiction story now and then.