When to wear Crocs: Decoding their style quotient

When to wear Crocs: Decoding their style quotient

The short answer: Never at work, always at play. Now let’s get you a new pair of Crocs.

They are super comfortable and unusual to look at. At first, most people did not immediately warm up to Crocs. They appeared slightly bulky and most adults felt that they were better suited to children. Besides, they came in colours like pink and lavender – which footwear features these colours?

But Crocs have now taken the world by storm. Whether you are a college student or a man in his 50s, Crocs are a staple in most people’s wardrobe – and with really good reason, too.

What are Crocs?

Crocs were first introduced to the world in the year 2002, when they were manufactured in a limited series in Colorado. Viewed as casual apparel, the one feature distinguishing Crocs from other footwear in their class was the use of a radical new footwear technology called ‘Croslite’. Croslite gave the shoes their distinctive lightweight, sturdy, breathable and odour-resistant qualities. The shoes were characterised by a chunky appearance and side vents to allow ventilation. The earliest models of Crocs even had a strap over the foot, ending withpivoted buckles on the sides.

There are many misconceptions about Crocs in the world. The most laughable one is that the shoes are so called because they are made out of crocodile skin! Another myth doing the rounds is that Crocs are made out of rubber, which is completely false. On the contrary, Crocs are the best solution in casual footwear for the hot weather. Unlike rubber footwear, the shoes never heat up – in fact, they are the most comfortable kinds of shoes in hot weather. Children, especially, prefer them because Crocs allow them to run and play without hindering or slowing them down. The shoes are light and flexible, offering superior foot support and shock absorption too.

Today, there are over 120 varieties of Crocs sold all over the world for men, women and children. It is said that once you wear a pair of Crocs, you will never wish to slip your feet into any other type of shoes again. Their excellent fit and superior comfort, not to mention their waterproof features and wonderful range of designs, will spoil you for other types of shoes forever.

When should you wear Crocs?

For all their sterling qualities, Crocs still qualify as casual wear. However stylishly cut or comfortable they may be, they do not qualify as office wear. In fact, Crocs may not go with all your clothing either.

  • For instance, you are better off with a pair of loafers instead of Crocs if you are wearing Chinos and a fitted tee.
  • Crocs are best worn to the beach or for a stroll on a hot summer day, with you togged out in a cotton tee, shorts and a sun hat.
  • They let you walk long distances without tiring out your feet.
  • Don’t wear socks inside your Crocs – that is both unnecessary and tacky. If you suffer from excessive sweating, dust your feet with foot powder and wear socklets that are not visible outside the shoes.
  • Most Crocs are water resistant, but do check with the manufacturer specifications before testing them in water.
  • Know your foot size correctly before buying Crocs online. The size guide shown on the site can help you pick the right size.