Top Tips For Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

Top Tips For Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

Whether it is due to an injury, or to keep safe from a nearby busy road, it can be necessary to keep your beloved pet cat indoors full time. Whilst many cats are naturally drawn to the outdoors, some simply never show an interest in leaving the confines of their cosy home. Either way, as most of their behaviours would naturally take place in the great outdoors, it will take a little bit of extra effort to keep your feline friend happy and healthy at home, with treats and gifts for your cat a nice addition.

Firstly, make sure your cat has lots of space to roam around in as not being able to get outdoors means that the four walls of your home is their whole territory. Try not to block off their access to any rooms, and ensure that they have vertical space too. Cats love to climb, but they also need to retreat to higher spaces if they feel threatened or uncomfortable; even older cats. Providing a high scratching post, a cat tree or even some blankets on top of the wardrobe is great for this.

Most cats love to play, but for indoor cats this is doubly important to keep them stimulated. Dedicating some time every day to playtime will benefit your furry friend’s physical and mental wellbeing. Be sure to provide lots of different types of toys for them to play with, this needn’t break the bank as there are many services that will deliver toys and treats to your door every month. Even simple items like empty boxes and balls of kitchen foil can provide endless hours of entertainment for kitty.

Use a large litter tray and place it somewhere private, keep it clean and don’t use scented litter! Cats are not fond of overwhelming smells, so filling their litter tray with a strongly scented litter can do more harm than good when it comes to keeping the area fresh. As long as the litter is changed regularly and the tray is kept clean, they’ll use it.

Try not to leave your cat alone for too long during the day; if your feline friend isn’t leaving the house then you will be their only companion. Spending as much time with them as you can is important for their happiness. If your cat isn’t partial to belly rubs or hugs, then a great way to have contact with your pet is by grooming them, which should be done once a day with a pet comb or brush.

It’s perfectly possible to keep your indoor cat comfortable and happy as long as some extra care and attention is taken. Make sure your home is adapted into a stimulating, open space that will promote their wellbeing. After all, your cat is an extra member of your family, and any little adjustment to your home is definitely worth it.