Three Options to Choose from When Buying a Blender

Three Options to Choose from When Buying a Blender

 If you are looking to have kitchen best friend, a blender can be your closest bet. Green smoothies and frozen cocktails, comforting cake mixes as well as soups are just some of the mixes a blender can tackle. However, the market is filled with many kinds of blenders including a vitamix blender. And a smart buyer, you will have to compare a cheap benchtop model against an expensive, high-speed super blender.

People use a blender for making milkshakes, soups and smoothies. However, a blender can also be used to make a delicious meal from scratch. In fact, the appliance can be used to mix batters.

Stick and Benchtop Blenders

There are many ways to use a blender; however, if you just use it for occasional shakes and smoothies, a stick blender is a good option for you. If you will use the blender often, you will need a benchtop blender. Also, you will need this blender for ingredients such as seeds, vegetables, hard fruits and ice.

High-Powered Blenders

A super blender is definitely your choice if you are into heavy-duty blending. This type of blender provides more flexibility than what a regular blender offers. In fact, a super blender is extra powerful that can tackle a range of tasks such as chopping or crushing dry and wet ingredients, milling flour, creating hot soup, crushing big amounts of ice, creating spice pastes and making but butters. Here are other features of a super blender.

One-Serve Blenders

Blender makers have introduced a category of affordable one-serve blenders which allow users to blend ingredients and drink from the same bottle. A lot of people are buying these blenders because they are handy for those who don’t have time to enjoy a smoothie at home in the mornings. However, these blenders are not as powerful as conventional blenders and often function on a pulse function. Also, you need to use a one-serve blender in less than a minute and ensure you add liquid to the veggies and fruits first. When you are looking to shop for a one-serve blender, consider the following:

  • Blade assembly. This must have adequate grip for easy removal. The threading around it and the bottle or cup must be easy to screw on firmly so leaks won’t happen.
  • Rubber seal. The rubber seal must be easy to remove and sits firmly within the blade assembly. After some time, the seals can become loose and may cause leaks.
  • Multiple jugs or cups. You will need these if you are serving smoothies to a number of people.
  • On/off switch. This is a counterpart to the push-and-twist type.