Thinks To Check While Buying A Leaf Blower!

Thinks To Check While Buying A Leaf Blower!

Working with a rake to remove leaves can take hours, depending on the size of the garden. To make things simple, it is wise to invest in a leaf blower. As the name suggests, a leaf blower is designed to blow leaves and clean up the garden, and there are many choices out there. Before you check for leaf blower reviews for comparison, here are some of the basic features you need to look for.

  1. Power source. Usually, leaf blowers are powered by gasoline or electricity. Both have a few pros and cons, but for big gardens, you may want to consider a gas-powered one. Electric models, especially cordless ones, are great for mobility and home use.
  2. Noise level. A noisy leaf blower can irritate the neighbors, which is certainly not desirable. In terms of noise, electric models are considered to be better and more silent. Manufacturer will mention more on this in product packaging.

  1. Consider if you need 2-cycle engines. If you want a more powerful machine, go for ones that run on a mix of oil and gasoline. There are many websites, where such models have been reviewed in detail.
  2. Speed variation. A leaf blower that works on a single speed isn’t the most desirable one. Make sure that you have at least two or more settings, so that you can control the speed of the product.
  3. As with any product, the brand is important while buying a leaf blower. Check what other users and expert reviewers have to say about a particular brand and take a call accordingly.

Other things to note

In most cases, leaf blowers are used extensively for at least 30 minutes for cleanup tasks. This simply means that the product needs to be easy to use. If you are trying to get more power but don’t want to a noisy gasoline-powered machine, go for a corded electric variant. Cordless ones can be heavy owing to the size of the battery but are certainly more mobile and useful for smaller jobs. As required, you can buy a spare batter to extend the runtime. For cordless variants, checking the runtime is also necessary. You don’t want to invest in a leaf blower that doesn’t even last for half an hour. Also, make sure that the product has a nice handle and is easy to use.

Check reviews, find more on individual pros and cons before you finally select one of the leaf blowers!