Log cabins can provide sustainable living and allow you to live close to nature and helps people to reconnect with great American outdoors.

Many people these days prefer to escape into nature and try to live simpler life. However, to build a log cabin will need time and skill.

This is the reason why kits have been introduced and these log cabin kits in Colorado are perfect for those who prefer to build home of their own but need help designing floorplan and preparing logs.

Now, what you must know before you try to buy a kit?

  • Cost of log cabin

It is important that before you go ahead with your project of building log cabin try to find the cost of log cabin kit. You must first consider the total project cost of log cabin.

In order to do that you must know the cost of the kit and all other additional items and building cost.

Typically, any log cabin manufacturers will include log walls, windows, doors and roof in their kits, but does not account for other cost like foundation, land cost, labor and interior finish.

  • Select the right manufacturer

Next thing to look for a reputable manufacturer of log cabin who can really take you for ride if you are not very clear about what you are looking for.

There are so many companies to look for and some may offer quality kits, while others may offer cheap kits, which many of you may get tempted to buy. However, remember that you only get what you actually pay for.

For long lasting cabin look for good quality and you need to do some research about it.

Also check two things about the manufacturer:

  • Service and Aftercare
  • Manufacturing process
  • Wood type

Certain specific types of lumber are better suited for log cabin but type of wood that people generally choose is a matter of their personal preference.

Price will however depend on type of lumber that you use. If you select cedar instead of pine, then you have to pay more because cedar is considered to be a premium variety of log cabin material.


You can summarize it in following way. You should:

  1. First decide your final budget. Keep 40% of your total budget for log cabin kit
  2. Prefer to choose any reputable and good quality manufacturer
  3. Finally decide what type of wood will you prefer.
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