These 5 kurtis are trending in every city

These 5 kurtis are trending in every city

Kurtis are becoming an all time favorite and a go-to option for every Indian woman.  There are so many designs and patterns to pick from. There is a kurti for every occasion! We understand that the kurti is an important part of every woman’s closet and it is incomplete without the latest kurti styles.

These 5 kurtis are trending in every city

Here are 5 kurtis that are trending in every city right now. So make sure to pick one next time you go shopping:

  1. The Angrakha Kurti

It is a kurti inspired highly by Indian tradition. In this, two symmetrical or asymmetrical flaps are placed over one another and then either tied with a cord or are stitched together or both. The length varies from design to design, starting from thigh length going till the ankles.  The shorter ones come with fewer frills, but the longer ones are more flared and give a magnificent appearance.

  1. The Long Straight Kurti

The Long Straight Kurti is the perfect example of ethnicity mixed with style and elegance. As the name suggests, these type of kurtis extend way below the thigh but generally not till the knee. The straight cut, with the absence of any frills or layers, gives the desired look to make it stand apart. They are available in numerous materials and designs and can be worn for a special occasion or as daily wear.

  1. Shirt style kurti

The shirt style kurti is a fusion of the Indian kurti and the western shirt. It has a collar, and the length varies, but never goes below the knee. Because of the presence of the collar, it gives a different look altogether to these kurtis making it a preferable choice for every modern woman.

They are the best pick for formal wear and as a casual outfit as well depending on the color and pattern of the garment. However, they are not suitable to be worn for parties and traditional gatherings because of their formal touch. You can get these kurtis in a variety of materials, but the one trending the most right now is the shirt style kurti in denim material.

  1. The Dhoti Kurti

Dhoti is usually a garment worn by men but now has overtaken the women’s kurti section. It exemplifies the Indo-Western culture and can be spotted being donned all the celebrities these days. In this, the kurti not cover the upper body, but the legs as well in a dhoti style. These kurtis end below the knee and have a naturally flared look.

They are extremely and stylish, and when paired with the right accessories, it could be worn to any high-end events. However, the dhoti kurti are best suited for evening occasions and traditional events, and not for day to day wear or formal wear.

  1. The Anarkali Kurti

And last, but definitely not the least, the evergreen Anarkali Kurti. the movie, Mughal-E-Azam, played a significant role in bringing these into fashion and since then it has been loved and accepted by the population so much that it never seems to go out of fashion.

The Anarkali Kurtis usually have a hemline that is lower than the knee. They come with sufficient frills to give an enigmatic appearance to the wearer. The Kurtis come in both variants: plain with little embroidery appropriate for daily wear, or elaborate with embellishments for special occasions. The most important aspect of this Kurti is that it is ideal for all body shapes and flatters the wearer.

So, now you know what exactly to keep in mind the next time you go shopping! These picks in women’s kurtis will definitely help you stay in trend and make your friends go crazy over you!