The Resounding Business of Greetings Cards

The Resounding Business of Greetings Cards

Greetings cards are big business in the UK today. Around one billion pounds are spent on greetings cards each year, with a person sending 55 cards per year on average. It is tradition that keeps the industry alive, and the Royal Mail will certainly be thankful for it as they receive a fraction of revenue through cost of postage. Yet, it goes without saying that there is nothing more humble than receiving a hand-written card through the letterbox to wish you a happy birthday.

Where It All Started

The practice of giving cards has a long history, with traditions from the east and west. The ancient Chinese gave cards to each other to celebrate the New Year (and this practice still remains today), whilst in the west, it was the Egyptians who exchanged messages of goodwill on papyrus scrolls. These practices evolved through the centuries, and paper greeting cards are recorded in Europe from the 15th century onwards. It is the Victorians who really ramped up card-giving. By the mid-nineteenth century, the printing press had been fully established thus making cards much cheaper through mass production. Another element was the invention of the postage stamp, which meant that people were now sending inexpensive cards to each other by the droves.

Types of Cards

These days, greeting cards can signify just about any event: a retirement, a new baby, a valentine, bereavement, and anything else. Cards come in different sizes and folds, although the standard is thin cardboard folded in two, with the sender normally writing a personal message on the inside. Cards can be blank on the inside, but often will contain a message that is befit for the occasion. They come in different varieties, such as humour, sincerity, artistic, or nostalgic – to name a few; however, it will usually be evident for what occasion the card is meant for by the images and message it contains, although greetings cards can also be very versatile. The main thing is that senders want to make the card seem personal.

Variety and Choice

In the current greetings card market it is important is to offer customers choice. Greetings House is one of the biggest wholesalers of greetings cards in Britain, with over 1 million different cards currently in stock. Based in the West Midlands, they are the number one stockists for sellers of Birthday Cards in Birmingham. They also sell greetings cards in bulk for all other sorts or events. They have a showroom located in Walsall that retailers are able to visit seven days per week. When it comes to variety of greetings cards, they certainly offer one of the biggest selections in the country.

Give Good Will the Old Fashioned Way

There is nothing that beats receiving a birthday card to wish you blessings from loved ones. Greetings cards offer a personal touch from people who care for you, even when they can’t be with you. This is likely why the practice of exchanging cards dates back centuries. These days, the practice of sending cards is as popular as it ever was, but with so many cards sent and received each year, it is important to provide your customers a wide variety to choose from.