Six Tips for Vacuuming Windows, Curtains and Blinds

Six Tips for Vacuuming Windows, Curtains and Blinds

Maintaining a house is a full-time job. There are innumerable things that require regularly cleaning. The floor, clothes, utensils, bed sheets, furniture, every little jar and jug – you name it and it needs cleaning. What makes things even more complicated is the fact that every item has to be cleaned in its own way.

Windows, curtains and blinds – these are three of the most overlooked items in the house. As they do not require frequent cleaning, they are generally neglected all together. However, they are the inroads for outside pollution, dirt and allergens to come, settle in and mess with our health. In light of that, it becomes imperative to give them their due share of care. The best way to clean and maintain these furnishings is to use a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, you can find out the best model for your cleaning needs and buy a vacuum cleaner online. Once you have a vacuum cleaner, cleaning becomes easier. Here are few useful tips for vacuuming windows, curtains and blinds.

Clean the Window Trims

These are dirt hotspots. Vacuuming all around the window trims should be done at least once every week, more frequently during the summers.

Vacuum the Window Screens At Least Once in a Month

Window screens catch dust too, though not as quickly as window trims do. Nevertheless, dust builds up on the screens slowly and because of that, many a times we easily ignore it. Window screens can do with vacuum sessions around once or twice every month. Again, they should be cleaned more frequently during the summer.

Vacuum the Curtains

It’s common to find many people who bring down all the curtains at a time and tediously wash them all through the day and then forgetting all about them for an entire year. Instead, it’s recommended to vacuum them in their places at least once every two months. This would save both time and effort, whilst keeping your curtains just as clean.

Use Light Suction Setting for Drapes

As the fabric of most drapes is delicate (including silk, velvet and damask) or loosely woven, hold the vacuum cleaner a good two inches off the cloth and choose a light suction setting. Just as in the case of curtains, drapes should be vacuumed at least once every two months.

Clean the Faux Blinds

First, close the faux blinds to make them lie flat. Then choose one corner and from there start vacuuming the blinds till you reach the opposite corner. Once you’re done, turn the blinds in a completely opposite direction so that the other side now faces you. Repeat the procedure. Quite a lot of dust readily settles down on faux blinds. They should be cleaned once or twice a week.

Wooden Blinds

The procedure to clean blinds is same as the one mentioned for faux blinds. However, the difference in the substance used to make faux blinds and wooden blinds reflects in the amount of dust that settles on wooden blinds as opposed to faux blinds in the same interval. Faux blinds are made up of a synthetic mixture of vinyl and a few other materials, whereas wooden blinds are made of real wood. Between the two substances, wood catches far more dust in the same time interval. Hence, wooden blinds should ideally be cleaned twice every week.

As mentioned before, taking good care of a house is a job in itself. Modern technology and techniques make it just a bit easier to accomplish it. With the right vacuum cleaner at home, cleaning tasks get a lot simpler. The above tips will help you with vacuuming the home furnishings in the right way.