Six Signs It is Time to Get your Furnace Repaired or Replaced

Six Signs It is Time to Get your Furnace Repaired or Replaced

Waking up to a freezing temperature in a winter night could happen when you forgot to close your windows or your furnace has broken down. While you can easily deal with open windows, fixing your furnace is something you could not do on your own. You would need to hire the best furnace repair service London to get the job done. But, you don’t have to wait for a situation like that to happen before you get your furnace checked. The following warning signs should tell you it is time to get your furnace repaired:

Your Furnace Has Aged Enough

While you want to make the most out of your furnace by using it even after almost two decades of service to you, it could stop working with age. Usually, furnaces could age between 15 and 20 years. If your furnace has aged this much, start checking for abnormalities and contact an experienced HVAC professional to diagnose the issue.

The Furnace Makes Strange Noises

It is normal for the HVAC systems to make some noise. However, if your furnace is producing squeaks or pops, this could mean something has come loose in it and must be repaired or replaced.

It Hasn’t Been Heating your Home Efficiently

A failing furnace won’t be able to provide the expected heating capacity it used to give. This might be caused by various factors that include issues with the blower fun. A malfunctioning blower fan doesn’t allow the furnace to blow air throughout your house. In case your furnace has totally stopped heating your home, it may have an issue with the pilot light or heat exchanger. Let a Calgary HVAC service provider check your furnace to know if it needs some repair.

Your Heating Bill Increases Significantly

If you are you using your furnace consistently and you see a significant increase in your heating bill, this could mean your unit is on its last leg. It has to work harder than before in order to keep a particular temperature in your house at all times. An inefficient furnace will need to use more energy.

The Pilot Light Has Changed Color

The pilot light in a natural gas furnace is always blue. But, if something is wrong with the unit, the color could change to yellow. This could indicate a carbon monoxide leak, which is a dangerous situation that must be addressed right away. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and once you shut your furnace off, contact an HVAC technician to deal with your problem.

Your House is Accumulating a Significant Amount of Dust

Your home could have a certain amount of dust even if you dust off your furniture regularly. But, when it is accumulating a substantial amount of dust, this could be caused by your furnace’s failure. The unit tends to take dirty air from outside, filters and heats it and then blows it throughout your house. Over time, your furnace will find it more difficult to filter the air. If you are noticing too much dust in your house, contact a licensed technician.