Simplified Guide for Buying Varied Torque Tools

Simplified Guide for Buying Varied Torque Tools

Torque tools are used in most industries, depending on the purpose and requirements. Common examples of torque tools include square drive wrenches and low-profile inline. The currently available range of torque tools use hydraulic pumps, which are powered by air and electricity. With the use of hydraulic pumps, the jobs get done precisely and quickly than traditional ways. Below are some quick things worth knowing about torque tools.

Common torque tools

One of the common torque tools is a bold tensioner, which is used to for tightening bolts and studs. This tool is mainly used for preloading and stretching bolts, as required. Torque wrenches are also extremely common, which are used for exerting torque to a fastener and use a hydraulic pump.  There are manual tools too, such as the swivel ratchet, which is used for flange spreaders that don’t use a hydraulic pump. Other options include rider tools and Robo Spider. The latter is a great choice for completing the process of torqueing an entire flange effectively and without delays. In fact, the Robo Spider is considered to be one of the best choices for automation, which also minimizes the risk of workplace injuries.

Tips on buying torque tools

There are many manufacturers for torque tools, and the since the requirements largely differ, you need to contact a few of them to get a custom quote. The applications of torque tools can be widely varied, and therefore, it is always wise to make a list of the requirements, based on which you can get an idea of the order that must be placed. As with any industrial tool or equipment, you need to see if you are getting good support from the concerned seller. The manufacturer must have a wide range of products, and they should offer assistance with custom requirements. Not all sellers have the infrastructure or capacity for producing torque tools, so you may want to check their expertise in advance.

Of course, it is also wise to see if the seller has other inventory and products, and whether they can offer a discount for large orders. You should also check their clientele and ask for a few references, especially when you intend to place an order for the first time. With the right torque tools, you can ease your industrial work considerably, and hence, do take your time to find the right manufacturer for the job.