Signs You Need a New Antenna

Signs You Need a New Antenna

One of the most common problems behind an interruption in service to your TV is the deterioration of the antenna cable outside the home. There are few things as fun as sitting back with friends and family while watching a favourite TV program, but some problems can get in the way of that relaxation time. The first thing to do is to check to see if you are the victim of the most common antenna problems, which can manifest at the worst moment and cause a delay in you watching the things you enjoy.

By learning how to find a fault in your antenna quickly, you should be able to avoid costly repairs for a while. If you cannot avoid repairs or even replacement as a solution, there are many cost-effective options that could help you get the new antenna you need. Once you find the problem, you can call for a professional to address it and get started on a number of possible solutions.


One common problem with the TV antenna is if the antenna cable has begun to deteriorate, which can cause TV reception to also deteriorate in the process. The outside jacket of the cable can begin to wear and tear away over time, which can leave it open to contamination. Water, dirt, and a number of other contaminants could degrade the quality of your signal as the problem worsens. One way to tell this with near certainty is to pay attention to your TV reception during rainy periods, since it would grow worse during these times if this if your problem.


Another typical problem found with the antennas has to do with the outlet located outside the home. Over time, the connector located inside the outlet can become loose, causing a problem with reception. This could also be caused by a problem with the actual antenna outlet, which is connected to the cable run to the external antenna itself. In rare cases, it is possible that insulation is not removed completely from the cable, reducing its ability to connect with the outlet properly.

Broken Fly Leads

A third problem, and also the simplest issue to correct, is a broken fly lead. A fly lead is simply the component used to connect your TV to the antenna, with one end plugged into the TV while the other end is placed in the outlet located on your wall. If you suspect even for a moment that you may have a problem with your fly lead, you may decide to try one you know has the reputation for good work.

Whether you want to add a room to your cable network, repair a broken antenna, or just upgrade your home in general, the right professionals make your goals reachable. This can cut down the cost spent and even allow you the financial room to afford additional channels and more. If you ever want to see your TV have perfect reception every single time, the only way to get everything set up properly is to call on a highly trained and experienced expert.