Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Protecting Screen with the Best Quality Tempered Glass

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Protecting Screen with the Best Quality Tempered Glass

Samsung fans are waiting very eagerly for their latest flagship phones. The company is providing their customers with great features. These features will certainly fulfil the needs of a buyer. Samsung Galaxy S9 Singapore is all set to take the market with such amazing features. So let’s not just sit, and enjoy the features. This phone with such minimum bezel is sure to take the market

The capability of capturing great photos in a very low light as well as in a bright daylight

There is an addition of narrower f/2.4 aperture along with widest f/1.5 aperture. The narrow aperture will help in preventing exposure in daylight. So it is similar to carry an S9 to that of the SLR camera having different lenses.

The camera can switch relevant aperture whether it is on a bright sunny day or a cool evening moonlight. The camera is brilliant in dark. The f/1.5 aperture plays a role in allowing more light into the lens for providing brightness. So in a dark and dim room, you can click clear photos.

It is offering its user with a super slow-mo mode. It takes place with the help of AI algorithm.

The camera can turn you into an emoji

You can convey and communicate your feelings through emoji. You can yourself become an emoji. This takes place by a simple snap of selfie and the rest work is with the AI technology.

Infinity display along with stereo speakers

The phone is having very small bezels which are smaller if compared to predecessors. The phone is having enhanced brightness along with great view angles and color accuracy.

AKG tunes the sound on stereo speakers. The sound will surround you in Dolby Atmos. The earpiece of S9 functions as the speaker which is front facing. There is a 40 percent raw boost in loudness. The raw boost is because of the bottom firing speaker. AKG Harman tunes both the speaker. The speaker gives a 3D surround sound.

All about the tempered glass

Tempered glass plays a major role in protecting your Smartphone. So it is better that along with the phone you also buy a tempered glass for your phone. This will increase the longevity of your phone.

So a 3D Curved Samsung S9 plus Tempered Glass is best for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus model. So it’s all set, now go ahead and enjoy your new beast along with required protection.