Safe Vaping: Everything You Need to Know About eCigarettes and eLiquid

Safe Vaping: Everything You Need to Know About eCigarettes and eLiquid

If you’ve been considering the pros and cons of switching to a modernised eCigarette in order to finally kick your smoking habit, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

This brief article will definitely help fill in the blanks.

What Is the Typical Composition of an eCigarette?

Although there are countless options available in today’s marketplace, the average eCig is comprised of four primary components:

  • The Battery: Generally located in the bottom half of your handheld device, the eCig battery is usually a lithium-ion implement, and it can be recharged by way of a USB cord.
  • Atomiser: As the most crucial part of the contemporary eCig, the atomiser is the internal module that heats up the eLiquid and produces delicious-tasting vapour. There is usually a thin layer of all-natural cotton surrounding the heating implement, which ensures that the heating coil is always in contact with a sufficient amount of eLiquid.
  • Tank: Also referred to as the cartomizer, the tank stores the eLiquid and provides easy access for refilling purposes. Occasionally, the atomiser and tank are built into one component.
  • Mouthpiece: This implement allows you to funnel the vapour from the atomiser directly into your mouth. The mouthpiece can take many forms, and it is generally removable to allow for easy cleaning.

What Are the Benefits of Smoking eCigarettes?

In stark contrast to traditional cigarettes, today’s eCigs are able to remove the spectre of detrimental tobacco smoke and provide a myriad of advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • No more stinky residue on your hands and clothing.
  • No more tar stains or tooth discolouration.
  • eLiquid vapours do not harm your complexion, hair, or skin.
  • If you’ve been smoking for many years, eCigs can restore your sense of taste.
  • Many public establishments permit eCigs, which means you don’t have to take tedious outdoor smoke breaks and miss important moments.
  • eCigs are 70% more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes, especially when taking into account the taxes and supplementary fees associated with tobacco products.

What Do I Need to Know About eLiquid?

There are numerous flavours and styles, ranging from cherry and vanilla to cheesecake, blueberry, and any other taste profile you can contrive, but it’s important to understand which eLiquids to avoid when making your first purchase.

In this regard, you’ll want to partner with a renowned manufacturer than does not include any Diacetyl in any of the in-house eLiquid products. This particular compound has been closely associated with an airway-scarring condition referred to as popcorn lung, which became prevalent in popcorn production facilities during the early 2000’s. As such, your manufacturer of choice should only include the following ingredients within their eLiquid bottles:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Flavouring elements
  • Optional nicotine

With a trustworthy supplier of vaping products at your disposal, you’ll be able to confidently purchase a versatile assortment of eLiquid and rest easy knowing that the products are safe, secure, and wholly dependable, so be sure to evaluate the product line before placing an order.