Reviewing The Top 5 Options In Bathroom Shower Systems!

Reviewing The Top 5 Options In Bathroom Shower Systems!

No matter whether you are building a new home or want to replace the old regular shower setup, selecting between shower systems is always confusing. With advancements in technology, you have a bunch of choices, right from body showers to digital ones and more. If you are looking for showers online, you can check for some of these choices, depending on what you are willing to spend.

  • Electric showers. The shower unit usually has a heating element, which helps in heating up cold water when need be. There is no need to rely on the water heating system of the house, and electric showers also reduce water storage. Owing to the design and features, these, however, tend to be bulky, and if you want the best flow, you need to go for a better kilowatt-rated unit.

  • Mixer showers. Mixed showers use the available water heating system and mix cold and hot water in the unit, so that you get the desired temperature. If you already have a hot-water cylinder at home, this kind of system can work better. Also, it is important to consider the water pressure, because an additional pump can be required for lower pressure.
  • Thermostatic showers. These showers set the temperature and can prevent scalding. There are a bunch of options available, and while many may compare this with an electric shower, but thermostatic showers are better for homes where kids use the shower systems on their own.
  • Eco showers. These showers, as the name suggests, reduces water wastage, and probably is what we need in the future. Some of the modern-day showers are designed to reduce water wastage, but this is also an entire line in itself. If you choose the right unit and brand, you can save as much as 50% water compared to regular shower systems.

  • Digital showers. Digital showers are a step ahead in technology and usually feature a panel, which allows the user to control the temperature effectively. Also, there are options to adjust the flow and change the settings, as required, and the better ones even have a touchscreen panel and remote. Some of the advanced digital showers can be controlled via mobile, as well.

Before you get an electric of digital unit, make sure that you check the brand reputation and warranty on the product. Also, the installation support and requirements are aspects worth considering, especially when concerned about bathroom tiles.