Dodge charger has been rated as one of the remarkable muscle cars in the 1960s. The Charger has transformed into a full-size sedan. The car comes with an ability to offer an unmatched performance to its users. Let us look more at impressive features of Dodge Charger Car.

What is new in Dodge Charger 2019 model?

The 2019 model Dodge Charger has the supercharged Hellcat model. It provides extra performance benefits to its users. A few versions of this model have a “new grille” that shows twin air inlets. The car also comes in new vibrant colors that most of the Dodge fans would appreciate.

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Reasons to purchase a Dodge Charger

Highly Efficient “V6 Engine”

The V6 engine of Dodge car provides260 pound-ft of torque, and yields 292 hp of power.  You will not find any issues in overtaking slow-moving vehicles. With respect to fuel economy, the V6-powered Charger provides up to 30 mpg fuel economy on the highway.

Exciting V-8 Engines

2019 Dodge Charger also provides V8 engines to users who are in need of some more excitement on their daily commutation. Its 5.7-liter version yields 370 hp power and 395 pound-ft of torque.

This engine develops a remarkable, and 475 pound-ft. of torque and 485 hp power. It comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission system that aids in reaching high speeds quickly. Models that are equipped with this “Scat Pack” has the ability to hit approximately sixty mph in just 4.3 seconds.

Beastly Hellcat Model

The Hellcat model is designed to provide constant thrills. It is equipped with a supercharged “Hemi engine” that delivers an impressive 707 hp power and 650 pound-ft of torque. A tested 0 – 60 time of 3.5 seconds makes the Dodge Charger Hellcat one of the fastest 4 door cars all over the world.

The car ensures the best level of handling for its users. The “Hellcat model” has an adaptive dampening suspension system. Its brand-new feature “After-Run Chiller” aids in cooling the supercharger.


Dodge Charger Car is one of the most valuable automobiles in the current market. It may not excel in all areas but ensure a safe and comfortable ride to people. All these exemplary features make it an ideal car to grab in 2019.

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