Marijuana has its portion of critics and proponents. Opponents debate about the side effects and supporters praise their health benefits. Side effects have led to a ban on cannabis use in many countries expect medically prescribed. Unfortunately, the general public suffering from intense medical problems turned to illegal drug dealers to buy their medications.

Fortunately, many states have made use of medical marijuana legal but buyers will need to show a medical marijuana card. It is a kind of prescription that defines their medical conditions and need to use marijuana. Marijuana can be bought from cannabis dispensary or dealers. However, it is beneficial to buy from medical marijuana dispensaries because of the following reasons.

Awareness about product quality

The dispensaries are licensed means the products sold are tested to check for quality. On the other hand, drug dealers on streets will never offer the same product quality assurance, as there is no test conducted. You don’t know what you will consume or smoke or vape. Besides the cost at dispensaries are also very low than the street drug dealers.


Street drug dealers hardly have open or close time. When you call or text them, they may return answer hours of days later. The chances they may not have sufficient product you need for your medical condition.

Dispensaries are generally open every day, except for the weekend. Therefore, you are not concerned about accessing your drugs. Thus, dispensaries can be termed as a consistent supplier of cannabis products.

No fear of arrest 

Buying marijuana for your medical condition from drug dealers is hard and filled with worry. The fear that accompanies buying illegal marijuana can make some people feel horrible even if it is done for pain relief.

There is an increased possibility of getting arrested on the streets while buying. You don’t have to suffer from paranoia or arrest if you buy from marijuana dispensaries as they are licensed.

Wide selection

Considering the types of medical conditions, you will certainly find one that is suitable for your ailment at the dispensary. Medical dispensaries offer wide selection than a street drug dealer. Besides the knowledgeable budtender can help you choose a suitable strain for your condition.

Boosts local economy and betters the community

Marijuana taxes are collected in millions, which are used to fund state educational programs. Therefore, buying marijuana from dispensaries will help to stabilize the local economy.

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