A marijuana dispensary is a great place to watch different kinds of folks visiting the place to buy their beloved cannabis products. You will see stereotypes visiting the dispensary like –

  • An overjoyed first-timer – Is bewildered, wide-eyed, and amazed by the fact they got a chance to enter a marijuana dispensary. The first-timer does not desire to be judged. They wish to discuss with a budtender, a nut is cautious of not asking ‘stupid’ questions.
  • The hesitant stoner – Sometimes in a hesitant stoner mode, you need to know the potency of every wax or the THC level of every strain before inevitably buying the cheapest gummy pack and a pre-roll. You even wish to sniff each jar and ask the budtender what they prefer, thus lengthening the purchase time from less than 10 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • On-the-go smoker – The strain, brand, and effect do not matter to a smoker, who has a backpack and headphones. He is on his way and if they smoke the music and walk seem more enjoyable. In on-the-go mode, you don’t feel like a hesitant stoner. You avoid eye contact and even any conversation.
  • Skeptical senior citizens – Senior citizens always ask the budtenders most questions. They are authentic dispensary tourists [not out of town but locals] visiting the dispensary to get their medicinal herbs. It is these citizens that deserve the CBD to get relieved from pain.

 These are the types of buyers you will come across at the dispensary near me. In this post, let’s get to know about the popular strains that have gained notoriety in the cannabis world because of their flavors, potency, and effects.

Blue Dream – Great for beginners

  • The parents of Blue Dream strain are Indica Blueberry and Sativa Haze.
  • Its flavor profile includes purple grape and dark berry.
  • The happy strain improves the mood.

Green Crack – Day-time Sativa

  • Its genetic is got from Skunk#1
  • It offers the fruity scent of pineapple and mango with a little sour citrus tang.
  • Sativa dominant so invigorates the cerebral rooting inspiration and high energy.

Girl Scout Cookies

  • A breed of OG Kush and Durban Poison.
  • Its scent profile is earthy wood and sweet citrus.
  • Users experience happy, mellow moods.

Jack Herer

  • It is the hybrid baby of Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Light #5.
  • Cannabis connoisseurs adore its sweet citrus and earthy pine smell.
  • A great strain for medical marijuana patients.

Gorilla Glue #4 – For seasoned users

  • Genetics got from Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel.
  • Scent and flavor profile include pungent diesel, rich chocolate hints, sweet nuttiness, and refreshing pine.
  • Elevated THC levels, so the effects are extremely strong.
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