Whether you are looking for starter pianos, MIDI controllers, keyboard workstations and synthesizers, it should match with your kind of music, skills and budget. Before you dive in, you need to know what you are looking for. We have come up with a guide that will assist you in figuring out what features, specifications and functions will suit your requirements and budget.

When buying a keyboard

Familiarize yourself with the functioning of camera before you get into the details of its specific features. Omaha has several reputed music stores that offer best range of entertainment to users. Music store Omaha provide a vast range of music instruments like piano, orchestra, and keyboard to choose from.   

Number of keys

There are 25 keys on a small sized MIDI controller, and 88 on a traditional acoustic piano. Consider your music type and space restriction before arriving at the number of keys that you will need on your keyboard.


There are mainly three types of actions such as semi-weighted, weighted, synth, and hammer action. Semi-weighted and weighted type of actions provides an action that is same in case of a conventional piano. Hammer action provides actual mechanical hammer that helps in enhancing the response. Synth actions offer no resistance and promote quick playing of keys.


It is the ability of a keyboard to get an idea of speed and the force at which a key gets pressed and produces a sound.


Keyboards with remarkable polyphonic abilities and adequate instrument voices, imitate an entire orchestra.


This is the ability that helps a keyboard to play a variety of sound at a single time.

Computer connectivity

Modern age keyboards have the ability to connect to a PC in several ways. Most of the digital keyboards come up with a MIDI host port and a USB port for convenient connectivity. Keyboards provide iOS capabilities that help in access to performance, recording and practice apps and musical collaborations and cloud-based storage using smartphone or tablet.


It is a software or a hardware device that tracks MIDI performance data. It then plays it in a programmed sequence.


You will find a wide range of music products in the market. Before you visit a music store, it is very important to get clarity on what you are shopping for. Understanding each kind of piano and keyboard makes you capable of buying the right thing.

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