If you are a wildlife enthusiast or someone who just loves to invite harmless wild animals close to the house, having a deer feeder in the backyard is a good idea. For starters, selecting a deer feeder can be really confusing. To make things, we have a quick guide that can help.

The basics

As the name implies, deer feeders are designed to feed deer. Now, there are wide range of choices out there, the most common one being the trough style, which was traditionally used for feeding livestock of all kinds. Before you buy one, consider what you want to achieve with the deer feeder. There are neck feeders, which doesn’t keep the feed all over the place but typically work on gravity, while others are automated and will dispense food at regular intervals. Automated ones work best because you don’t want to overfeed the deer, which is also a concern for many wildlife enthusiasts. Also, being too close to the feeder and too many times can alarm the animal, who would refuse to return too frequently.

Things to consider

First and foremost, deer feeders need to be durable enough to withstand the extreme temperatures. If there are too many metal parts, there’s always a concern of rusting. Installation is the second thing you need to check. Some of the products are pre-assembled, but even then, you may have tough time with installation. Cleaning and maintenance are other aspects to consider. Not all deer feeders come with a varmint guard, so check for that as well.

Other tips

There are websites like https://feedthatgame.com/ that offer considerable information on deer feeders and some of the best ones in the market. As far as installation is concerned, you can find many videos on YouTube, which can be really handy for starters. If you don’t prefer the trough style, go for gravity or automated deer feeders, which have amazing reviews online and are rather easy to install. There are also many websites for reviews of the top-rated products, which can help in comparing choices. Some deer feeders work on solar panels, but in case inadequate sunlight is a matter of concern, you can check for ones that operate on battery and are more easy to use.

Do your homework well while looking for deer feeders, so that you can buy one that not only fits your budget but is functional, as well.

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