Here’s a Gist of Some Error Messages during a Royal Mail Shipment Booking

Here’s a Gist of Some Error Messages during a Royal Mail Shipment Booking

Royal Mail is one of the renowned parcel delivery service providers in United Kingdom. Since its initiation, it has captured large market share in courier service market. At present, this company is serving around 30 million addresses all over the UK However, there are some common problems that users face while booking a shipment.

Sometimes when you try to book a shipment with Royal Mail shipment you might get an error message. This guide will brief you some of the error messages which you may get while booking a Royal mail shipment.

  • Invalid Tariff Code XXX

This message usually occurs when one tries to book a shipment for an overseas address. This happens when a particular service is not available in the country for which you are booking shipment. In such a case, you can try to book the shipment again by using some other Royal mail service.

  • Shipping Error: Access Denied

Such a problem occurs when you have already changed your Password and/or Username on NetDespatch website however the same is not in Zenstores. To rectify this, you need to visit Page of Royal Mail Account. Here, you can change your username and/or password as per your NetDespatch account.

  • Shipping Error: Export Type Is Invalid

This problem usually occurs when there is a mistake in filling CN22 customs form. To resolve this problem, all you need is to modify the type of export from goods and merchandise.

How To Manifest Orders On NetDespatch Website?

For manifesting your orders you are required to ensure that you’re logging in your account from the correct URL. One of the common mistakes that you might make while doing national manifests is to sign out of NetDespatch website from the location that you used for signing in. Therefore, it’s preferred that you instead use a new tab and login separately from

Customer Support Of Royal Mail

Royal mail has a well established and professional customer support. The customer service experts work 24*7 and provide quick resolution to customers’ queries. You can reach out to the customer support over call and emails for resolving your issues. Royal mail uses services of numbers helpline to resolve customers’ grievances. Apart from shipment booking related issues, you can ask the customer service team about charges of a shipment, expected delivery and arrival etc.


Hope this guide will give you clear idea of services of Royal mail shipment.