Five Things to Know when Buying Perfumes for Women

Five Things to Know when Buying Perfumes for Women

Choosing a perfume can be tricky because one smell can be too strong while others can be too bland. However, you don’t have to be a perfume expert to find the scent that suits you. It takes knowing some important things to find the best fragrances for women. Here is what you must know before you go to a perfume store:

Scents Smell Different on the Body

Use those white paper blotters to test perfume. Spritz some perfume into the tip of the blotters to give you an idea of the smell. But you can only know when that scent suits you if you try it on your skin. Perfumes can be different on different people. This has to do with how it reacts with the skin’s natural bacteria.

A Perfume Too Strong is a Smell you Don’t Like

When shopping for fragrance, some smells just don’t appeal to you. You think they are too strong. Usually, a fragrance is associated with some life experiences and what you like or dislikes may come from an associated experience. So when you tell the salesperson that you don’t like something too strong, you actually mean you don’t want the smell you dislike.

Perfume Prices May have to Do with the Ingredients

Quality always comes at a price and high-quality perfumes don’t come cheap. If you like a flower-scented fragrance, make sure you have a good budget for it. It takes millions of flowers to make enough kilo of oil to create that fragrance so this justifies the cost.

Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette

Eau de Parfum has qualities that tend to last. Thus, you could wear it in the morning and would keep 50 percent of it in the evening. But, Eau de Toilette is primarily composed of top notes that provide sharpness and freshness in a perfume. You can expect it to smell stronger at first; however, you will lose more than 70% by noontime.

It is Important to Know where to Spritz your Fragrance On

After finding the right perfume for you, apply it into the hems of your dress. You want to spritz it on where there is movement as scents tend to smell stronger here. When you spray it on your body, do it on your wrist (as long as you don’t wear metal jewelry), on top of your arms or your body’s trunk. Make sure your perfume is stored away from the heat and sunlight to keep their freshness.