These days, vehicles change quickly. Advancements in technologies are moving at a fast pace and cars are added with more bells and whistles all the time. If you have been driving your car for too long, it might be time to buy a new one. Below are other signs you should start looking for a Honda dealership in the Grand Rapids area to get a new car:

Your Car is No Longer Safe to Drive

This is the main sign that you should stop driving your car and get a new one. Older vehicles will eventually become undependable and this can take place at dangerous times. Also, these vehicles don’t have a lot of the advanced safety features found in newer vehicles. These features include side airbags, rearview cameras, electronic stability control, forward collision alert, blindspot monitoring, and others.

Repairing your Car is Very Costly

It can be a great idea to replace your old car when the repairs begin to cost more than what it is worth.  In case you have to spend $2000 on engine repair and your car is worth just $1, 500, then why not buy a new one? Also, if you have to purchase new tires for your car, ask yourself if it is worth the cost of a new set of tires.

Your Vehicle Does Not Pass Emissions Test

If your car does not pass environmental emission tests anymore, this clearly indicates you must get a new one. Newer cars have different “drive clean” technologies that make the emissions coming from the tailpipe better for the environment. These technologies are not present in older car models.

You cannot Afford the Car Insurance

Older vehicles are more expensive to insure. Newer vehicles are equipped with safety features not available in older cars. Also, older vehicles might be easier to steal, depending on the model. As a vehicle owner, it is important to keep an eye on the insurance premiums on your vehicle as they are monthly bills you need to pay.

You Don’t Have Access to Spare Parts

Eventually, it will be difficult to keep your current vehicle running as long as possible. The reason might be that you cannot find spare parts needed to fix your make and model. In fact, some manufacturers even discontinue certain parts. This situation will only get more expensive over time. That is why it’s better to get a new car.

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