Don’t Miss These Aspects Before Buying Adapter Spools

Don’t Miss These Aspects Before Buying Adapter Spools

For the uninitiated, adapter spools are a kind of part that’s used extensively in the drilling industry. It is more often used in projects that require pressure control applications. When it comes to adapter spools, nothing is more important than the pressure rating and size. These two aspects can vary, and so can the price, depending on the concerned oilfield application. If you are buying adapter spools, it is wise to check if the products have been designed and manufactured according to industry standards. In some cases, getting custom products is possible. If you are looking for a seller, below are the things you need to check.

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As mentioned, adapter spools vary by pressure rating and may have different end connections. As a customer, you may have to specify the combination of end connections and outlet connections, before placing an order or asking for an estimate. In some cases, the seller may want to know the height/length as well. Before you place an order, do check with the concerned supplier to understand the range of products they deal in. In some cases, it is possible to buy used or even surplus adapter spools from certain sellers, so you can save considerable money on your budget.

Know your supplier

When it comes to oilfield and drilling equipment, nothing matters more than reputation of the supplier. If the seller deals in international shipping, it can be an added advantage. It is also a good idea to check the number of years a company has been in business, which helps in knowing what they can offer in terms of experience. Many sellers also specialize in customizing and sourcing products from many manufacturers for their customers, which is also an aspect worth considering. If you still want to know a seller better, do ask for references.

Final word

There’s no denying that oilfield and drilling equipment can be expensive, and therefore, getting an estimate is wise. You may also want to compare a few options in advance, so as to understand the pricing better. Not to forget, do check the payment terms, and other relevant conditions, especially while dealing with an oilfield and drilling equipment supplier for the first time. Since the drilling equipment industry is based on relationships, it is wise to find a reliable supplier, who can also buy back the surplus if requested.

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