If your business needs a large number of corrugated boxes of many different sizes for packing purpose then you can also visit online for buying good quality corrugated boxes.

You can find several good online companies like http://belley.net/ where you may shop for such corrugated boxes in high quantity. They will offer a safe and hassle-free purchase at very competitive prices. Following are few tips for shopping corrugated boxes online.

  • Find the appropriate website

Select a reputed website while deciding to buy a bulk quantity of corrugated boxes. Look for customer feedback on their site. Also, check their contact address to communicate.

Also, check if they can offer free shipping. Read all the terms and conditions, also find out if they are ready to replace in case of the problem caused due to shipping.

  • Choose your product

Find out whether the options would perfectly fit your needs. You must also find the number of boxes that will go into a single purchase. Enquire whether they will give boxes in different sizes at affordable price.

  • Compare prices

It is very important to make a comparison of price with another supplier and you can google few other shopping sites to check their price tag. Price comparison will be the best way of confirming whether there are any hidden charges too.

Few sites may add delivery charges or any additional service charges together with the actual price of the product.

  • Get a quote

Prior to proceeding with the purchase get the quote. As you are planning to buy these corrugated boxes in huge quantities, it is necessary to obtain a quote and check if it will fit your budget. After getting the quote you may also do price negotiation.

  • Place your order

Check the terms and conditions, if everything looks good including their procedure of replacement and you are fully satisfied, then it is time to place the order. Ensure that they will send the delivery on time.

  • Check the status

Having placed your order, it is necessary to contact whether they have dispatched your boxes on time. Try to check about your status of product frequently to make sure that they are arriving at the proper address.

Particularly, if you are buying from a different country then it is very important.

  • Safe shopping

Few sites may also offer cash on delivery that may be convenient. In case it is not, then check whether the site is fully secured and encrypted. After ensuring, you can provide your debit card information. Avoid emailing your details about the bank account.

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