Consider these Pointers Before Buying a Baby Gate

Consider these Pointers Before Buying a Baby Gate

When your little one gets mobile and begins to build his motor skills, he can easily make his way into any place in your home. As he crawls, he will want to try to go where he should not. The good news is that safety gates are available to ensure your baby can’t go anywhere beyond your sight. Here are other tips when buying a baby gate.

Consider which Type of Gate you Want

When it comes to baby gates, you can choose between pressure-mounted gates and hardware-mounted gates. In terms of set up, the hardware-mounted versions take more time than the pressure-mounted. A pressure-mounted gate is not drilled into the wall which makes it not fully secure. Meanwhile, hardware-mounted gates are anchored to the walls with brackets or screws, making them more secure than pressure-mounted gates. Hardware-mounted gates are perfect options for staircase bottoms and tops. For doorways, go for pressure-mounted gates as they tend to fit easily there.

Find One that Opens Easily

The majority of hardware-mounted baby gates swing open; however, some pressure-mounted ones do not. Keep in mind that hopping over the gate is a hassle especially if you are in a hurry or if have stuff in your hands. You don’t want another obstacle in the house to trip over.

Avoid using older, accordion-style gates which open to form big gaps in the shape of a diamond. The head of your child can get stuck in such spaces. While these styles may no longer be available in the market, you may find them in garage sales and second-hand shops.

Think about the Materials the Gate is Made from

Baby gates are available in metal, plastic and wood. Metal gates are the sturdiest and must be your choice for spaces where you need extra protection. Ensure that the gate of your choice has met the voluntary safety standards of the product’s manufacturers association.

Consider the Slats

Vertical slats in baby gates must be less than 2 2/8 inches. Bigger gaps can get your baby’s head trapped. This makes the gate a hazard for strangulation.

Ensure the Gate Fits the Space

Most baby gates will block a doorway. But if you want to protect a bigger area, ensure you purchase one of those wide gates out there which stretch farther and with interlocking sections that will encircle a larger hazard.