Heat pumps do not create any heat unlike boilers and furnaces and instead they simply transfer heat. Since they don’t create any heat, they will be using less amount of energy as compared to boilers and furnaces.

Besides, heating our home these heat pumps can be used for cooling purpose too. They will move all the heat from your room and lower the temperature. Thus, heat pump can be used for both heating as well as cooling purpose.

If you want to buy these pumps from the Heat Pump Store in Portland OR then consider the following few factors:

  • Climate of the environment

When outdoor temperatures will go above the freezing point then air-source heat pumps will run efficiently. In case, you are living in such region where the temperature drops below 32ᵒ then you should not prefer heat pump as a sole heating source.

Air-source heat pumps will be better primary heating system when the area temperature is nearing the freezing point. As a backup system, you must also install a gas furnace, which can take over when temperature will reach freezing point.

During freezing winters, geothermal heat pump can be another alternative in such areas. The temperature below the ground surface remains constant around 55ᵒ, which is sufficient to warm our home.

In those areas where winters are mild, air-source heat pump can be a perfect option for providing necessary heating.

  • Ductwork necessary

In order to switch to any geothermal heat pump or an air-source from any cooling system and conventional forced-air heating system, then it is likely that you will be in a position to reuse the existing ductwork of your home.

However, it is necessary that your ductwork must be in proper shape. In case, there is no ductwork installation available in your home, then added expenditure to install the ductwork will make your traditional heat pump little cost-prohibitive.

Also, ductless mini-split type of heat pumps is available for heat pump application in your homes without any ductwork.

There will be individual indoor units which are mounted on ceilings or walls connected to outdoor condenser. Thus, homeowners can benefit from savings that heat pumps offer, and also the comfort control of the system.

  • Natural gas lines

In case, your home has got no connection with the natural gas lines, then your new furnace installation will need installation of gas lines.

This may increase your furnace price dramatically as compared to your heat pump cost. This means that installing a heat pump will certainly be a better option.

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