When the season changes from winter to summer, people start looking for air conditioners to be used during extreme summer season. However, there are many different varieties of air conditioners available to choose.

So, if you are looking for the best air conditioner brands for your home then consider the following few things.

  • Tonnage

Tonnage of the AC must be decided first, which is the capacity of your air conditioner that depends upon the size of the room that you want to cool. Higher the tonnage, the price will also increase correspondingly.

Take help of any professional to decide the tonnage if necessary.

  • Energy efficiency

As the energy cost is increasing day by day, it is necessary to go for more energy efficient air conditioners. Energy efficiency is denoted by the stars and higher the number of stars will indicate better energy efficient.

  • Whether window AC or split AC

Window air conditioners are usually cheaper as compared to split air conditioners, but it will not be as quiet and aesthetically pleasing like a split air conditioner. Also, split AC will provide better distribution of air.

Depending upon your budget, you may decide.

  • Quality of air

You must check the specification of the dehumidifier of the air conditioner while selecting one. Air conditioner with better dehumidifier will always provide better cooling particularly during the rainy season.

Also check the quality of filter which will decide the quality of air.

  • Installation and maintenance

The performance of your air conditioner will depend upon how the unit has been installed as well as maintained.

Make sure that you must get it installed by any authorized dealer of the AC manufacturer or any HVAC professional who can also provide you regular maintenance service in the future too.

  • Multipurpose

As the technology is progressing, nowadays you can get versatile products in the market. These days you will also get an air conditioner that will not only cool your room but also heat during the winter season.

Not only that the heating efficiency will be much better than your conventional heater but also help you to save some amount in your utility bill too.

  • Few other factors  

You may consider few other factors too while selecting your air conditioners.

  • Noise level must be within 60 decibels
  • Availability of auto restart facility
  • Automatic cut off the cooling as the desired temperature is obtained
  • Create your own programmable cycle.
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