Choosing a Cricket Glove

Choosing a Cricket Glove

If you are new to the game of cricket you might not have considered that it is important to have all the right clothing and equipment. Of course you’ll understand that you’ll need a good cricket bat, one that fits your personality and intended style, and you’ll have to use a decent ball, but what about cricket gloves?

Cricket gloves generally come into three styles, depending on a number of factors, including what you find most comfortable. It might be that you try out a few different cricket gloves before figuring out the best for you, but here we can give you a run down of the three main styles of cricket glove that you can choose from the next time you step out onto the crease.

Sausage Finger Cricket Gloves

The sausage finger glove has been designed to offer greater protection than other styles of cricket gloves. Surrounding each finger is a large and uninterrupted padding. This means that when holding a cricket bat handle there is no gap present between any of the fingers. Most test cricketers will choose this style due to this fact, giving them greater protection from injury when facing some of the fastest pace bowlers on the planet. What you gain in protection you do lose slightly in flexibility and comfort, though there is the possibility of choosing sausage finger style gloves that have a softer fill to the lining, providing a cushion between the hands and the gloves padding.

Multi-Piece Cricket Gloves

Since their inception in the mid-1990s the multi-piece cricket glove has fast become the most popular cricket glove the world over. Instead of the overall padding around each finger, as in the sausage finger glove, here there are small protective pieces places around the joints in the hand. This way the wearer has greater flexibility of movement and a more natural feel when they hold a bat in their hand. As materials and technologies have improved the protection levels from multi-piece cricket gloves are almost to the levels of sausage finger gloves, but are more comfortable to wear and more flexible.

Hybrid Cricket Gloves

There has been a jump in popularity of hybrid gloves for those players that don’t want to be committed to either the sausage finger or multi-piece styles of cricket gloves. These gloves offer the best of both, usually in the form of the leading two fingers in the glove being of the sausage variety, with full padding around the entire finger, and the rest of the hand protected the multi-piece way. Using hybrid cricket gloves gives a batsmen the chance to have flexibility and comfort in the majority of the hand, whilst giving greater protection to the leading fingers that are more susceptible to being struck by the cricket ball at pace.

Choosing the right cricket glove can make a big difference to how successful you are as a cricketer. It is important to always have safety and comfort at the forefront of your mind, allowing you to go out there and play with freedom and no worries at the back of your mind.