Buying Wrought Iron Patio Furniture – Key Considerations and Maintenance

Buying Wrought Iron Patio Furniture – Key Considerations and Maintenance

Hand forging iron process is centuries old, which enables the iron to take many shapes. Metal is heated using round bars and formed into designs that range from ancient to modern and simple to ornate.

Outdoor wrought iron furniture available in the market will certainly complement and blend with your indoor home décor style. Benefits and advantages of iron furniture are many.

  • It is heavy and cannot be tossed around easily in sudden summer storm
  • It can deal with extreme weather making it durable and long lasting
  • It blends well with every style may it be traditional or contemporary
  • Wrought iron is malleable and tough, so can be shaped into fashionable themes
  • Artisans can create intricate and beautifully designed patio furniture using garden motifs like plants, flowers, and wood nymphs
  • It is an easy material to clean
  • It is heavy, strong, and sturdy, which makes it uncomfortable to use but quality cushions resolves this issue

Good quality iron furniture has been passed down from one generation to another. Investing in quality wrought iron patio furniture bought from online Arteferro Store is worthy. You can enjoy it with your family for lifetime.

Main aspects to consider, while buying wrought iron furniture

  • Heavy and solid, so iron material is suitable for windy locations, where light furniture may get blown away. Never expect it to be easily portable.
  • Iron, when exposed to moisture will rust, if it does not carry a protective finish. Therefore, select an iron patio furniture with quality powder coated paint finish.
  • What other things to consider –

  1. Smooth welds
  2. Heavy frames
  3. Thick but even paint job
  4. Protective caps for furniture legs
  • If it is mesh wrought iron furniture piece then check the edges where mesh meets the frame, it needs to be clean.

Care & maintenance

  • Regularly cleaning iron furniture with warm water and soap mixture is good but make sure to dry it thoroughly.


  • Smooth surfaces need to be waxed and baby/mineral oil has to be applied to the textured surfaces.

  • Moving parts and springs needs to be lubricated, every year.


  • If you find rust lightly sand it with fine steel wool and apply thin coat of paint layers, allowing each coat to dry well, prior you repeat again.


  • Make sure that the legs are covered properly with nylon or plastic protective caps. Replace the ones instantly, when they wear or tear away.

Wrought iron furniture on the patio is worthy lifestyle investment, which adds grace with sophistication.