Whether you are carrying out a full kitchen remodel or replacing an old refrigerator, choosing a fridge can be overwhelming. There are different models with varying features to choose from. But, if you want to shop smartly and get the most out of your fridge, below are some tips to can help you:

Get the Right Configuration

Refrigerators are available in many basic styles that have their pros and cons. Models that have the freezer above the fresh food compartment are often the most energy-efficient. However, they tend to be the smallest. If you want lots of room for wide platters, go for French-door models. But, keep in mind that their doors can be tricky to close and the units’ freezer drawers are big and deep. Thus, it can be difficult to find smaller items. A side-by-side fridge allows for easy access to fresh and frozen food; however, they have narrow compartments, making it hard to store big items and those with odd shapes. Side-by-side models can be your best option if you want your children to be able to get things from the fridge and freezer. They are also the ideal choice if you have a family member who uses a wheelchair.

Be Careful Of Counter-Depth

Refrigerators that sit flush with surrounding countertops and cabinets provide any kitchen a streamlined look. However, it is important to understand that you compromise a little of storage space, usually 7-8 inches of depth and up to 10 cubic feet of interior room. This makes it important to stick to refrigerateur profondeur standard.

Choose Models that Bear the Energy Star Label

Energy Star refrigerators use 20 percent less energy than other models of the same size. If you want to save money on your electricity bill, switch the automatic icemaker off since it accounts for a big amount of the energy used by the unit. Once you have a unit that carries the Energy Star logo, get rid of your old fridge. Avoid cutting the savings by placing the old unit in the garage or basement where it continues to use electricity.

Be a Wise Fridge Owner

The majority of the compartments in the new refrigerator are there for a reason. In general, meat lockers and crisper drawers work well t preserve veggies and meat. Usually, it is best not to use the butter dish. Highly perishable items and dairy must be stored in the main fridge compartment because the top of the door is nearly always the unit’s warmest place.

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