Buying a Leather Handbag or Purse? Here are Some Helpful Tips

Buying a Leather Handbag or Purse? Here are Some Helpful Tips

There are a lot of things to think about when buying leather purses and bags. Since leather handbags can be a significant investment which will last for many years, it is imperative to make a smart pick. Below are some tips to help you purchase the right leather bag or purse for you.

Consider the Style

Purses are available in various styles that include cross body bags, totes, satchels, hobo bags and clutches. Your choice must be based on your personality and what complements your wardrobe. Make sure you pick a style you are comfortable carrying. Think about the straps’ length and width. You will want to ensure the straps are comfortable on your shoulder.

Think about the Finish

A good leather purse or bag must be made of leather. Check the finish of the bag and ensure it is smooth to the touch. Does the leather have imperfections? Keep in mind though that softer leather tends to be expensive.

Set a Budget

Genuine Italian purses, purses and bags tend to cost more than those made from synthetic materials. Various kinds of leather like top-grain and full-grain vary in terms of cost. Also, a number of name brands cost more than others. Determine how much you can afford for your handbag or purse. You can narrow down the kind leather to buy when you decide what you wish to spend.

Evaluate the Stitching

When buying a bag or purse, you don’t just examine the exterior because the interior is as essential. Quality stitching impacts the durability and strength of handbags. So ensure the stitching and seams are neat and straight.

Smell the Leather

Leather handbags usually have a distinct smell. A number of leather has more obvious and distinct smell than others. Although this is likely to fade after some time, your bag may still have a leather scent even after years of use. High-quality leather does not smell like vinyl so check for this if you want just quality in your purchase.

Know if the Bag Comes with a Warranty

Since leather bags are a valuable investment, check to see the type of warranty the designer or seller offers. Determine if the warranty covers replacement or repair. How long does it cover your purchase? What does it require to get your warranty honored once the need for it arises? Finally, have an idea of how easy or difficult it is to make a warranty claim.