New pipes are good, but vintage or newer estate pipes has several advantages. Build your pipe collection with beautiful estate pipes

When pipe smoking becomes a serious interest, often we find ourselves spending quite a lot of time with our pipes — and quite a lot of money acquiring them!

When looking to expand your collection, to save money, you can buy estate, used, pipes.

They all used to belong to other smokers — some of them has been used for years and some of them have never been smoked, but still has been owned by another smoker.

Pipes are sturdy works of art

As you may well already know, pipes to not easily break or go dysfunctional. In fact, they are very sturdy, created with the scope of lasting for decades, continuously bringing joy and relaxing moments to their owner.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold in your hand, materials are chosen to make the pipe as sturdy and resilient as possible, allowing it to be in the possession of the owner for a lifetime and can even be passed on to the generations to come!

If, for some reason, the pipe should change hands, estate pipes can be a money-saving way to find brilliant works of art and craft, without having to pay full price.

Properly cleaned and ready to smoke

When you buy estate pipes, whether it be directly from the previous owner or from a pipe shop like Bisgaard Pipes, the estate pipe has been properly and thoroughly cleaned. The pipes should be ready to fill and puff away on immediately upon arrival, so you won’t have to worry about the fact, that the pipe has been used before by someone else.

On the pipe, there can be small notches and scratches, attesting to previous use, but the inside and the mouthpiece of the pipe should be completely clean and ready to use for a smoking session.

Get your hands on the pipe of your dreams

Because of the lesser cost of estate pipes compared to brand new ones, you can probably afford pipes, that are usually in a price category above your budget. This means you can get your hands of truly iconic pipes from the very best brands, and still stay within your price range.

No matter if you prefer straight, bent or half-bent pipes, or even pipes formed in freehand, you can find them in the estate section of the pipeshop and buy them for a fraction of the original price.

And because pipes are made to last, you will be enjoying your new estate pipe for years and years to come.

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