These days, people are becoming more health conscious and making a lot of changes in their lifestyle and food habits. One of the most popular changes we can see now is using organic or natural foods.  The reason to choose organic food is very simple, that is, everyone needs natural food, which is good for the environment and people.

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Here we provide you some information about organic food that will help you to get an idea about how the organic foods will be grown. Let us know about it in detail:

Difference between natural and conventional food

The main difference between both organic and conventional food is, the procedure using to produce them. Organic foods will be produced by using particular synthetic ingredients that are approved by the agricultural department.

Generally, organic food producing crops will be grown without using artificial fertilizers, biotechnology, synthetic pesticides, or irradiation (a method to kill bacteria and preserve food). Also, animals in organic farms will be grown without using growth hormones or antibiotics. Farmers growing conventional food may also use some of the natural procedures as well.

How organic foods are better than others?

According to a few studies, organic foods will give more nutrition to a person when compared to non-organic food. The main reason for this is, by using natural fertilizers plants will boost up their phytochemicals (antioxidants and vitamins) production. With this, plants will get more strength to resist weeds and bugs.

Some studies also state that using harmful pesticides and antibiotics in non-organic food is one of the causes to get different health problems in the people, particularly in pregnant women and children, but most of the farmers will maintain the standard and safe levels in producing conventional foods.

Organic farming is not only useful for the people but also useful for our environment too. It reduces soil erosion, water pollution, and makes the soil richer. According to a study, organic farming process requires only half of the energy of conventional farming.

Taste of organic foods

According to some studies, the antioxidants present in the organic foods will increase their organoleptic qualities like taste, smell, and sensation of the mouth when you eat it. So many people who eat organic foods will experience a good taste.

If you are purchasing organic foods, then you have to check for the agricultural department approved seal on the package. It states that you are buying hormone and antibiotic free product.

Generally, organic foods are costlier than conventional foods, so choosing an organic or non-organic food is your personal decision, but to stay healthy you have to healthy. So, eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, eggs, lean meat, whole grains, and dairy products.

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