8 Cool Reasons WhyYou Need ToShop Educational Puzzles For Your Kids

8 Cool Reasons WhyYou Need ToShop Educational Puzzles For Your Kids

Looking for a perfect gift for your little one? Why not buy something that they enjoy playing with while learning something from it? The answer is to buy educational puzzles for kids.

  1. Enhance Memory Skills

The goal in playing puzzles is to join and complete them properly. Puzzles present logic problems that need to be solved and accomplished. These items help the child to enhance his spatial intelligence as he to use his own mind and think logically in order to look for the answer in resolving the puzzle. Shop for stylish puzzles at great prices at Step2 Direct and help your kids develop their spatial skills.

  1. Improve Hand & Eye Coordination

The times that a child moves the puzzle even by turning, removing or flipping, he is already acquiring the connection of his eyes and hand. He can slightly grasp that he is using his eyes to see puzzles and the brain processed the information for him to make a move using his hands.

  1. Enhance Motor Skills

In dealing with puzzles, a child easily managed to grasp different sizes of it and tries to have a focus in order to complete and solve the puzzles. In this matter he is developing his fine motor-powered skills. This skill is very significant in improving his ability to hold things and in handwriting as well.

  1. Build Confidence

In every time that a child deals in solving a puzzle in a toddler kitchenuntil solving it, he is developing determination or persistence. The moment the puzzle is completed, the sense of accomplishment is felt by the child. This feeling enhances his independence that leads in gaining self-confidence.

  1. Help Them Recognize Shapes

Since completing puzzles is an actual experience, a child is learning to identify and categorize shapes which areamong important things that they need to learn in their young age. This is a basic skill but it serves as a foundation to learn more critical concepts.

  1. Enhance Interpersonal Skills

Solving puzzles is not only for one person but also for cooperative individuals. This helps the kids to enhance their skills socially. The time that they collaborate with one another the more this skill is being developed. They think, plan and take turns to solve the problem, thus, their relationship is tighter.

  1. Help In SettingA Small Goal

As the child is engaged in completing a puzzle, he will surely come up with a strategy that will help him accomplish the task faster and more efficient. This will be a help for him to acquire achieving small goals that will lead to a larger goal.

  1. Enhance Creativity And Imagination

As mentioned above, playing puzzles helps developvisual/ spatial intelligence. This intelligence also requires ones imagination and creativity to figure out the solution to complete the puzzle. These two requirements lead to motivate the cells of the brain and to persuade extended interest among the kids.

There you have it- 8 cool reasons why you have to shop educational toys for your kids. Aside from puzzles, you can also buy playscapes, musical toys and ride on toys for kids from Step2 Direct at fair