Check These Three Aspects Before Buying A Flat Iron!

Check These Three Aspects Before Buying A Flat Iron!

A flat iron, otherwise also known as a hair straightener, is a must-have styling tool for any girl. Apart from taming unruly and frizzy hair, flat irons are ideal for styling on the go. As expected, there are a wide range of products in the market, and if you are buying your first flat iron, we have some quick tips and suggestions, which will come handy.

Consider your hair

Flat irons use heat to straighten your hair, and quite expectedly, this may cause a considerable amount of damage to the strands. Your choice should be dependent on the kind of hair you have. For women with thin and fine hair, a flat ceramic iron is more than enough. However, for thick and unruly hair, a tourmaline flat iron is better choice as it can hold heat better. Typically, a temperature of 350 °F is enough to straighten regular hair, but if you have extremely unruly hair, go for something that has higher settings.  You can check websites like DesignsAuthority to find the reviews of top flat irons.

Consider the material

The most common flat irons have ceramic plating, which is ideal for reducing frizz. However, these can cause great damage to your hair and are not the ideal choice, unless you are on an extremely tight budget. Ceramic irons can be used on thin hair, especially if you tend to have naturally straight hair. Some of the ceramic irons have Tourmaline coating, which helps in trapping heat, and therefore, the straightener can hold the heat for a much longer time. Because the plates are capable of distributing heat, you don’t always to go for a high temperature, which in turn reduces hair damage. Titanium flat irons are also a choice, although they can be a tad more expensive. These flat irons are great for smoothening hair at a much faster rate.

Consider the plate size

Flat irons are available in a number of sizes. Irons that have a plate size of one inch or less are considered to be small and are more suited for ladies who have thin and short hair. If you have shoulder length hair or more, you need to consider irons that have large plates, which can smoothen and straighten more hair at a time.

You may also find the choice of ‘wet to straight’ flat irons, which might seem attractive but can cause great damage. Do NOT straighten your hair when wet and do use a heat protection spray.