About Elastic Shoelaces and Their Purposes

About Elastic Shoelaces and Their Purposes

While the traditional shoelaces have been useful over the years to keep the shoes on the feet, innovations in the shoe industry keep looking for ways of improving comfort for the shoe wearer. This is especially important for athletes whose comfort in the shoes has a role to play in their performance. Many people overlook the importance of shoelaces, besides just keeping the shoe where they are supposed to be. The truth is, the laces can affect the pressure the foot feels when in a shoe.

What are elastic shoelaces?

Also known as lock laces, elastic shoelaces are made of elasticized materials. The idea is to make them flexible and easily adjustable to apply even pressure on foot. The basic design of this type of laces features curved edges and a plastic lock with a spring. You only need to adjust once for proper fitting, and that will be the same used for all the subsequent times you will have your shoes on. The good thing is that the spring lock ensures that the shoelaces don’t become either too tight or less tight.

Why would you want to buy the no-tie laces?

There are a few things that will make you want to buy elastic laces for your shoes whether you are an athlete or not. They are the benefits that you get with using the laces instead of the standard shoelaces.  For instance, the elasticity they come with makes it easy for you to put on your shoes and take them off anytime. You will only need to tie them once with an easy “pull and lock” which makes them ideal for the elderly. Furthermore, the no tie shoelaces for kids are recommended for children.

Also, the lock laces offer comfort, and there would be no too tight or too loose fitting of your shoes if you do it right. They make your shoes snug your feet allowing you to have them on for a long while without feeling a pinch. They are also stylish as they are available in a variety of colors and can go well with many sneakers.

How to use the elastic shoelaces on your shoes

If you feel the need to use the elastic shoelaces for adults on your shoes, the good news is that it is an easy thing to do with easy to follow steps. With these laces, you get more flexibility and ease of putting the shoes on and taking them off. To effectively add elastic laces to your shoes, use the steps below:

Begin by removing the traditional laces from your shoes. This should be done carefully not to tamper with the lace holes and to leave marks on them.

The second step is to insert the elastic laces into the first two holes and making sure that they are even on both sides. After that, make a weave through the remaining ace holes, preferably in a crisscross pattern.

With all the holes laced up, take the ends of the laces and thread them through the locking mechanism.  You should be able to feel the shoe tightening you a bit. Keep pulling the plastic locking up until you get the right fitting for your shoe. Bear in mind that you need to make sure that the shoe does not feel too tight or too loose. You should be able to take it off and easily slip in them.

The last step is optional. It involves cutting the ends of the laces if you think that they are too long. Should you choose to cut them, make sure that you use a pair of scissors and use a burning splint to melt their ends to prevent fraying. One important thing to note is to allow some room for moving the plastic locking system.

Purposes of the Elastic Laces

It is clear that lock laces have more to offer than the traditional shoelaces. This is an indication that there was a motivation behind the invention of this type of laces to do what the previous version couldn’t. One obvious feature is the flexibility. The following are the purposes of elastic laces.


One of the places you will find the use of lock shoelaces is in athletics. The main reason is the flexibility it offers and the balanced pressure it applies on foot. Professional athletes like long-distance runners count on the comfort of their shoes when on the tracks. Others include those in sports like cycling and swimming. Another thing about the laces that make them ideal for use in athletics is the convenience it offers the wearer of the shoe. Putting the shoes on and taking them off is such an easy thing to do.

Kids friendly

Tying shoelaces is not an easy task for many people, and you can imagine how daunting it can be for children. Worse, yet, loose laces have been the cause of accidents for many children who like running around. While you may want to blame them, their small fingers and lack of know-how make it difficult for them to tie the laces.

That is where the no tie shoelaces for kids come in. Since they are designed with the plastic locking system, the laces are ideal for children. It is easy to tie and once tied for them by an adult, the only thing they will need to do is slip the shoes on and take them off with much efficiency than it is the case with the traditional shoelaces.

Ideal for the elderly

The other group of people who could use the elastic shoelaces for adults are the seniors. With age comes the inability to do some of the simple things like tying knots on the laces. In many instances, the complications that come with aging make it difficult for the elderly to bend to tie the shoes. It would, therefore, suffice to have them using lock laces, where when once tied, they only need to put them on and even taking the shoes off won’t require a lot of work.